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The Importance of a Total Value Perspective

Jack Welch, former head of GE, has recanted his previous espousal of "shareholder value". Michael Porter, Harvard academic, recently wrote about "shared value" to escape an outdated approach to value creation...



The effect of global tensions on energy prices and commodities has led customers to improve value from their raw materials specifications: energy consumption, by-products, capacity yield… For suppliers, this is an opportunity for value-in-use pricing and the current shortage enables them to develop differentiated pricing for their products.

NS&I: formula for modernisation

A leading success story in public sector reform is that of NS&I, one of the UK's largest savings organisations. CVA's work for HM Treasury on the modernisation strategy was the foundation for its revival


Benefiting from the LTE era

Rapidly increasing data requirements in all sectors from Telco to Finance and Education, etc. will result in opportunities for each of the Telco’s typical value chain components through convergence with other business sectors