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CVA has been present in China since 1994, opening its Shanghai office in 1996 and Beijing in 2006. CVA was among the first global consulting firms to provide professional services in China and over the last two decades, has witnessed the highs and lows associated with China’s rise as a global business power. With many lessons to be learned, our experience in the Chinese market makes us well placed to assist companies who wish to embrace it, one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world…

“The impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on bank profitability”

Regulators continue to gradually relax interest rate restrictions and the pilot for interest rate liberalization has already commenced. Banks will be forced to further adjust their profit structure and strategy to deal with intensified competition and operate more effectively in the open market environment.

“Banks’ overseas expansion”

Chinese banks are actively seeking overseas expansion opportunities as a result of the slowdown in domestic economic growth, more restrictions on fee business and encouragement from PBOC for strategic overseas development. Exposure to mature overseas market environments may create more challenges for these domestic banks in terms of risk management capabilities, profit model and overseas localization.