Our expertise

Telecommunications in China

Mobile internet, next-generation network and e-commerce opportunities in conjunction with higher penetration challenges, lowered ARPU and severe competition has forced market participants to rethink and adjust their strategies more cautiously than ever before

CVA has been present in China since 1994, opening the Shanghai office in 1996 and the Beijing office in 2006. CVA was among the first global consulting firms to provide professional services in China and over the last two decades, has witnessed the highs and lows associated with China’s rise as a global business power. With many lessons to be learned, our experience in the Chinese market makes us well placed to assist companies who wish to embrace it, one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world.

Our people in Shanghai and Beijing are predominantly Chinese, possessing extensive experience working in multinational business environments.  They know how to negotiate often complex Chinese systems with a deep understanding of multinational and local Chinese companies’ expected outcomes. 

CVA has worked across a broad and diverse range of industries in China including financial services, telecommunications, logistics and manufacturing. In the area of Chinese financial services practice for example, CVA has end-to-end experience from strategy development through to implementation, supported by a solid understanding of market dynamics, products & market evolution; and a familiarity with Chinese processes, local culture and operational environments. We have worked with both local and international financial services institutions in China covering a wide range of topics including product development, developing differentiated value proposition for specific customer segments, branch transformation & innovation, network optimisation, retail & SME strategy and process reengineering.

In recognition of the growing importance of the telecommunications industry in China, our Telco Practice team has been based in Beijing since 2006. Coupled with our extensive Telecommunications experience across Europe and Asia, a physical presence in the Telco Hub of China provides a strong base for servicing this growing market. Over the last 5 years, we have applied our methodologies in China and brought value to one of the world’s largest mobile operators.