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Evolutions in Energy Systems - Drivers of change and the impact on value distribution

Following the Energy Discussion Morning held the 20th of January in Paris @ Royal Monceau, we presented our last thinking and ideas in a position paper communicated to more than 200 key executives in the sector

This article is based on a principal observation: in the majority of OECD countries, the fundamental principles which determine how energy systems are organised and managed are being challenged due to a number of reasons. This is particularly true of electricity power systems.

The organisation of electricity power systems today is based upon the integration of networks and generation capacity, which started out as local networks, in the early twentieth century. Over the years, these systems which have become increasingly interconnected and co-ordinated, and are now managed according to the following characteristics:


Today, this system of organisation is being called into question by various changes, which have a political, more than economic impetus. […]

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