Our expertise

Renewable Energy

Our experience encompasses all major renewable energy production technologies (wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal…) and most of the value chain steps, both in decentralized and centralized renewable projects

This experience has led us to work with a variety of players addressing these markets: renewable projects developers and operators, investment funds, major utilities, equipment producers, EPC contractors, Energy Services Companies, building materials companies, public authorities

The range of strategic topics we have dealt with has changed with time as the market has matured and new issues emerged. We have covered:

CVA’s experience covers the major renewable technologies and the main strategic issues… 

CVA’s experience covers numerous kinds of players along the value chain

CVA’s experience encompasses the following issues

The understanding and assessment of technical and economic potential per country (renewable feedstock availability and assessment, project economic equilibrium, growth potential…)

The analysis and competitiveness assessment of  existing and potential technologies

The value chain segmentation, mapping of the main players, analysis of their positions, business models and key success factors

The analysis and assessment of the regulatory and incentive frames, including the analysis of their likely dynamics and impact on the renewable projects profitability

The analysis of the businesses economics, per value chain step and technological stream

The screening and assessment of companies for acquisition or strategic partnerships, including detailed due diligences

The definition of implementation plans to enter renewable energy markets, by external or organic growth, and their financial impacts

New business models design and implementation in B2C and B2B activities: innovative economic model definition and test, particularly in the perspective of grid parity and integration; definition of territorial value proposition, for renewable assets development activities; new market incentives design for public authorities (participation in public/national conferences)…

Industrial model design and implementation (sourcing strategy, make or buy by key renewable power plant components…) to create differentiating models, both from the cost and technical / TCO point of view