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CVA has been proactively providing consulting services in Japan since the establishment of its Tokyo office in 1999.  The very first project assigned to the Tokyo office was an international benchmark study entrusted by a government organisation regarding the institutionalisation of an independent agency.  At that time, it was quite unique for the Japanese government  to engage a European consulting firm to conduct such a project.


Japan Inc. in pursuit of new values beyond the Lost X Years

Within Japanese economics, the Lost Decade refers to the period immediately after the early 1990’s Japanese economic bubble collapse. More than 20 years later, with no sign of economic growth, this period has been aptly renamed the Lost X Years. A new mindset must be adopted to see beyond these ‘lost years’ and into future prosperity.


Smart Community

The terminology of "smart community" has become a hot topic in Japan, yet as its Japanese translation indicates, it literally means either "energy saving" or "CO2 reduction" and thus "smart" does not really appeal to be that smart in its true sense.