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CVA has worked extensively in Korea since 1998, officially opening its Seoul office in 2001 and establishing a strong client base over the last decade. Our team in Seoul is multi-lingual and multi-cultural. With the continuing support of the CVA network of offices around the world, CVA Seoul offers international experience coupled with and a deep understanding of the Korean culture and environment….

Water Treatment Market shows Remarkable Growth

Economic developments and improvements in quality of life globally has fostered a new driver for the demand of water in the 21st century. Needless to say, the rising demand for water is directly contributing towards water related industries’ rapid growth. GWI (Global Water Index) forecasts the international water market will grow to an astonishing US$865B by 2025 and Fortune magazine predicts that the supply of water will be a pivotal element in determining a country’s wealth in the near future. Despite the vast potential for growth, entering the water treatment industry requires not only a precise understanding of the market but a detailed approach customized specifically for the corporation wishing to enter

Managing Customer Loyalty with Big Data

The advent of social networking sites (SNS) and new data collection and processing technologies has enabled the collection and utilization of data by corporations from a wide variety of sources both in store and online. However, the mere usage of large compilations of data does not necessarily create value and it is often easy to get lost in the so-called flood of ‘big data’. Instead, corporations must strive to materialize concrete customer loyalty management programs that effectively utilize big data from a systematic and cost-effective management standpoint