The Dutch office was established in Amsterdam in 1987. Now based in the business district Sloterdijk, close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, the office is ideally located on the edge of Amsterdam's city centre. The multi-cultural outlook of Amsterdam and its central location has proved a strong platform for CVA's expansion into mainland Europe, and reflects the diverse cultural mix elsewhere in the firm.

The Amsterdam office has headed a variety of projects for companies in many industries, from financial services to consumer goods and from heavy industry to telecommunications.


Ten years after entering the Chinese market, CVA opened its second Chinese office in Beijing in 2006. While Shanghai remains the centre of much of the commerce and finance in China, Beijing has increasingly become the telecommunications hub.

Building upon our experience in Europe and Northern Asia, a presence in Beijing was required to ensure that our telecommunications practice in China flourishes as the market explodes.


The German office was opened in 2001. Throughout a decade of successful project work, the German team build up a portfolio of prestigious clients in Financial Services, Transport & Automotive, Energy & Utility, Heavy Industries (Metals, Chemicals, Building Materials) and Private Equity

The German team is not only successfully serving clients located in the largest economy of Europe, but forms a vital part of CVA’s global activities: Berlin is CVA’s centre for commercial excellence providing industrial and B2B customers with proprietary and state-of-the-art methods, tools and approaches on customer insights, market strategies, sales productivity, offer design and pricing.

Our office location Berlin is motivated by the desire to live in one of the most vibrant and fascinating European metropolis, which is also inspiring our work: creative solutions and an entrepreneurial spirit form the basis of our delivery to our clients. This is also reflected by CVA colleagues who have pursued careers outside consulting: entrepreneurs who bought and successfully transformed automotive suppliers, founders who are today managing their own internet start-ups, a director of a New York museum of modern art, a professor for business administration and many more

As part of the global CVA family,  the Berlin office is made up by a team of outstanding individuals, who love the challenges and opportunities a consulting job is offering and who are enjoying to work in a global strategy boutique.


Our first US office was established in Boston in 1987 to service North American projects. CVA's international staffing policy facilitates the transfer of CVA's methodologies and consulting style. With a varied client base including financial services, packaging and steel production, the Boston office provides clients with a customised solution, incorporating industry expertise and techniques developed by CVA.

Our staff have in-depth experience of the US market, which coupled with the application of unique CVA methodologies leaves us well placed for the stimulating years ahead.


CVA has worked extensively in Morocco since 1992. To reinforce its presence in the dynamic Moroccan market and to better assist its clients, CVA decided to open an office in Casablanca in 2005.

Our team in Casablanca is multi-cultural and our recruitment is targeting the best talent, particularly Moroccans. Our team works closely with CVA's international network, particularly the Paris office. This provides us a strong base of international experience and facilitates the transfer of CVA's methodologies and consulting style.

Our Casablanca office is located in the prestigious "Quartier Racine".

Hong Kong

Almost 15 years after entering the Chinese market, CVA opened the third office in Greater China in Hong Kong in 2010. While China has become a key economic driver of the world economy, Hong Kong remains a key financial and trade hub in Asia and the world.

The Hong Kong office has experience across a broad range of industries and topics, including financial services, supply chain and transportation.


The UK office was established in London in 1987, and has grown significantly. It is located today in Soho, in the heart of London's West End.

The team reflects the international style of CVA, with many nationalities represented: Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden , Italy, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our consultants are from all disciplines not just engineers but biologists, physicists, historians, linguists and even a radio astronomer.

Our work covers a range of industries, including financial services, automotive, packaging, waste management, distribution, telecoms, utilities, charities and central government.


The first Australian office was established in Melbourne in 1993 as CVA looked to expand its business into the Asia Pacific region. After a period of strong growth in both our client base and staff numbers, the office now employs over ten nationalities which provides a strong cultural and linguistic base for our work both in Australia and in the Asia Pacific area.

Work in the Melbourne office covers a range of industries including finance, retailing, mining & resources, brewing and industrial manufacturing. Our staff come from a range of backgrounds - lawyers, economists and scientists - and have all become successful consultants. The breadth of experience and challenges of the work make CVA in Melbourne an exciting place to work.

CVA in Melbourne and its sister office in Sydney operate as one integrated practice, with regular combined work assignments, training and interaction. This promotes a cohesive and energetic environment that is the hallmark of our growing Australian and Asia Pacific practice.


CVA is proud to announce the consolidation of its existing business activities in Italy with the opening of its fifteenth office in the Italian city of Milan. Milan is the corporate centre of Italy and is home to a number of major European organizations and industries, particularly in fashion and luxury goods.

Under the leadership of Paola Leoni, the Milan office will continue to develop their expertise in strategic marketing, which has proven so successful over the recent years, especially in assisting some key Italian luxury companies to enhance their customer and brand value.

Financial services and utilities industries have also recently shown an increased growth in their marketing and branding activities. Paola Leoni's team has successfully met this challenge and will continue to translate their expertise in understanding the customer and the customer experience to these and other industries.

CVA is extremely glad to officially include the important Italian market to its existing network of worldwide offices. We are sure that the expertise and drive of the Italian team will inspire the work of all in the CVA network and will be a major contributor to the ever growing success of CVA.


The Paris office was established in 1987 and is situated in the prestigious Paris-Trocadéro Business Centre overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We have many non-French nationalities and are particularly keen to promote this mix by recruiting French-speaking consultants from all countries. Our consultants are from the leading Business and Engineering schools and often have the "double degree" which gives them the mathematical and analytical skills of an engineer along with the business knowledge of a graduate from business school.

In addition to CVA's world-wide training programmes, Paris offers specific training, including monthly "breakfasts" to keep consultants up-to-date with the firm's innovative methodologies and more formal sessions for small groups on subjects such as Client Interaction or Oral Presentation Skills.

Our clients are, for the majority, French multinational companies in industries such as telecommunications, packaging, energy, building materials, property construction, steel, retail and courier express.


CVA has worked extensively in Korea since 1998, officially opening its Seoul office in 2001. Over the last 10 years we have established a strong client base.

Our team in Seoul is multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Combined with the continuing support of the CVA network of offices around the world, CVA Seoul offers international experience and an understanding of the Korean culture and environment.

The Seoul office has assisted a diverse range of clients from telecommunications, finance, retail & manufacturing addressing a number of key issues including Mission & Vision, Grand Design and Strategy Development & Implementation. Most works delivered being new, unique and innovative.

Whatever the client’s needs, CVA works with them to create “Corporate Value”, ensuring consistency between the strategy developed and the financial and organizational requirements of the business.

The CVA Seoul team has a reputation among its loyal customers for rigorous work and a unique approach to resolving issues.

Using CVA’s proprietary methodologies, such as the Customer Centric Value Enhancement (CCVE®) tool, CVA Seoul will continue to play a significant role in the Korean market for many years to come.


The first Chinese office was opened in Shanghai in 1996 by an entrepreneurial team from both East and West. Since then, the office has successfully grown to spearhead CVA's work in China.

Predominantly of Chinese origin, but with extensive experience in operating in a Western environment, our office combines local knowledge with a strong understanding of business. We have used this mix of East and West to provide our many multinational clients with strategic insights into the expanding, but often risky, opportunities in China over a range of industries including industrial manufacturing, brewing, packaging, cosmetics and financial services.

This is a young and growing operation with an exciting future as China participates more fully in the world economy.


The Singapore office was first established in 1992 as CVA looked to take a foothold in the expanding Asian market. While a small office, it has provided a successful springboard for CVA's growth in Australia, China and the rest of South East Asia.

Singapore is the most cosmopolitan of the South East Asian countries, and the city-state provides an excellent gateway into the region. Staff in the office come from a variety of countries and, like Singapore itself, are quite at home in an Asian or European setting.

The Singapore office has been the cornerstone for studies in industries as diverse as packaging, brewing and financial services.


The Sydney office of CVA was opened in October 2000. Nestled on the world-famous Sydney Harbour, the office enjoys both picturesque views and the vibrant atmosphere of a cosmopolitan city.

Working closely with its sister office in Melbourne, CVA in Sydney has already developed a strong footprint in the financial services, telecommunications, energy and biotech industries.

As the Australian and Asia Pacific practice continues to grow, the Australian offices will play a major role in continuing to drive the innovation and creativity to capitalise on the multitude of opportunities in new and exciting markets.


CVA's Tokyo office was opened in 1999 at a time when Japan began making fundamental changes to their economic structure, becoming increasingly open to globalisation. Our highly experienced Japanese team combines an understanding of both the Occidental and Oriental, placing CVA in a commanding position to assist both domestic Japanese clients as well as those Western clients with Japan in their scope.

Recruitment of the highest calibre of local consultants is key to the office's success. As part of our international staffing policy, opportunities exist for Japanese consultants to work both in Japan and overseas. This facilitates integration with our other offices and allows for the transfer of CVA's methodologies and consulting style.


The Vienna office of CVA was opened in 2003. Our activities have grown recently in German speaking countries, and it was necessary to open a second office to service the specific and local needs of our clients.

Working closely with its sister office in Berlin, CVA in Vienna has a similar portfolio of expertise and specialist knowledge in urban mass transportation, financial services, leisure industry and the automotive industry.

CVA in Vienna and Berlin operates as one integrated practice, with regular combined work assignments, training and interaction. This promotes a cohesive and energetic environment that is the hallmark of our growing practice in German speaking countries.

Washington DC

Dean & Company joined CVA in 2006. Dean & Company, like CVA, is a high-end strategy boutique located in Washington DC. It is headed by Dean Wilde and Jim Smist. Dean & Company and CVA have common values; we share a passion for focussing on value creation with select long-term clients by delivering a rigorous quantitative output through our talented people.

The Washington DC office has experience across a broad range of industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, manufacturing and a speciality energy practice.

For more information on Dean & Company, go to their website at