What we do

Our Approach

Creativity & Rigour 

To deliver competitive advantage to its clients CVA has developed a unique blend of creativity and rigour that ensures actionable results rather than « me-too » recommendations. Actionable solutions that are stress tested and backed by hard facts to  guarantee senior management buy in and successful implementation

This provides our clients with “out of the box” ideas and sustainable breakthroughs, that are  especially effective in dealing with more complex issues.

Industry high level vision & detailed technical expertise

Our teams have the depth of knowledge and detailed understanding to be able to interact broadly; from  discussing global vision with CEO’s to discussing technical efficiency with R&D experts. This is because CVA teams are passionate about their subjects and read widely about their subjects, providing our clients with the quality and insightful perspective they demand.

In-depth analysis & pragmatic outputs

CVA consultants are specifically trained to cover a broad scope hence they operate in relatively small teams. This means that the ratio of members of a  CVA team to a client team is much lower than our competitors (~1:4). This helps build commitment on a daily basis through joint working and provides quality deliverables that are self-explanatory, concise, yet exhaustive. Delivering to clients unique support for decision making.

Sophisticated frameworks & easy-to-action results 

CVA is committed to creating meaningful change, providing clients with both analytical “brainpower” and the appropriate practical implementation support. Without which recommendations often remain “wishful thinking”. Our team constantly focuses on building client 'ownership’, leveraging their capabilities, expertise and developing them into pioneers for change.