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MOVE® (Market Oriented Value Enhancement) allows companies to realize the full potential of their existing footprints (markets, customers, products, services) to deliver quick tangible financial upsides without any large investments, break-through innovations or risky strategic moves.

MOVE is built upon 4 pillars

Full value perspective: overcoming functional silos, allowing all improvement levers to be deployed (offer design, pricing, sales focus, etc.)

Granularity: systematic approach ensuring full market coverage and a thorough, bottom-up assessment of market potential

Customer-centricity: in-depth customer understanding based on the real decision mechanisms that underpin choice and are often hidden behind visible preference

Enabling attitude: providing a transformation mindset through a joint team approach, encouraged by an open book policy resulting in ready-to-implement project results and actions


  • Customer insights and segmentation
  • Offer design / Value proposition
  • Multichannel  / Distribution Strategy 
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Sales push
  • Sales force efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Branding
  • Customer retention

Client Benefits

For a global leader in specialty chemicals, MOVE: allowed us to jointly identify improvements for their automotive business unit that resulted in:

50% increase in revenues, +70% in gross margin within 3 years.

Client management accepted the recommendations to plan for implementation that were backed up by concrete action plans and ready-to-use tools. The programme is being successfully rolled out across all divisions and all regions and being delivered as planned.

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B2B : Markus Collet

B2C : Simon Vessey


PRIME®  (PRroductivity IMprovEment) goes beyond cost reduction to address all levers of the productivity equation (revenues, costs and capital) with an objective of short-term results and long-term sustainability and with value to the customer as the primary driver.

The Productivity Equation 

Ambitious and sustainable margin improvement targets: by assessing real value created to the customer, and comparing productivity to internal and external benchmarks, measures to improve productivity are established and targets developed. These can be reached in the short-term and that reinforce the longer term competitive position.

A participative process: CVA delivers an abundance of improvement ideas through the involvement of all stakeholders at all levels ensuring strong buy-in and fast results.

Structured organisation and tools: PRIME also ensures that the organisation is structured for managing productivity and that, coupled with monitoring tools, ensures implementation that results in enhanced productivity at agreed levels


  • Micro-organisation 
  • SG&A reduction
  • Customer value based 
  • Zero-based footprint (« ZBF »)
  • Zero-based budgeting (« ZBB »)
  • IT optimisation 
  • R&D streamlining
  • Sourcing
  • Supply chain 
  • Micro-organisation
  • Working Capital reduction

Client Benefits

Guaranteed Savings 15-35%

Δ Entreprise Value > 20×CVA fees

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François Bories



LEAD® (Lighten Empower Accelerate Deliver) is a unique set of products that covers all steps of the leadership chain from the Vision and Ambition setting to the design and the implementation of a strategy and a transformation plan, ensuring it cascades down to all levels of the organisation.

Vision and Ambition setting ensures that the whole organisation is focused and that the direction is clear

Through a very tight and robust process and a set of simple yet very effective tools, CVA coaches senior managers through the process of co-constructing their vision and ambition with their colleagues. The resulting vision enables consistent strategy development at all levels of the organisation, guiding and driving its success. 

Strategy design balances top-down and bottom-up logic

CVA supports CEOs in designing their strategy combining the classical bottom-up view of the business with a top-down logic that defines the corporation. 

Translating strategy into actions

Beyond helping design strategies with innovative tools, CVA has developed a comprehensive framework to assist clients in ensuring strategies are translated into clear actions and that they are effectively implemented.

SmartPMO® referred to as « a ‘control tower’ for the Executive Committee » secures the implementation of strategies and major transformation programmes with real and timely results. The method developed by CVA to translate strategy into actions delivers better risk management, better stakeholder management and agile planning to redirect the process if needed


  • Long Term Dynamics 
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision and Ambition design
  • «Corporate story » and Communication 
  • Corporate Portfolio Optimisation (CPO® )
  • Business Unit Strategy 
  • Macro-Organisation 
  • M&A – Due diligence (pre-deal) and Post-Merger Integration 
  • Risk management 
  • Transformation Program design and implementation 
  • « Stakeholder Management »
  • SmartPMO® 

Client Benefits

  • +30% shareholder value
  • Adaptive strategy with clear stop and go options
  • Better and quicker results: at least 20% more value created
  • Better risk management
  • More consistent and more robust communication
  • Better management of stakeholders
  • Greater agility for process redirection if needed

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