Who we are

The Global Strategy Boutique

Since 1987, CVA has grown organically into The Global Strategy Boutique with a single and unique DNA. 

Global … 17 offices work seamlessly as one firm to serve our clients

With our business divided equally between Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The international nature of CVA's business has produced a genuinely global mindset. We ensure that learnings from work in one country are quickly disseminated to others - best practices are transferred not just between industry practices, but also across geographies. Global staffing and training guarantee there is one global standard: The CVA standard. Our clients feel that they have a relationship with the firm not just with an office, because they receive close attention wherever they have a presence.


Strategy … CVA both pioneers and remains the unchallenged leader for developing designing and delivering Customer-Centric Value through constant innovation 

Our integrated customer-driven value model, is central to everything we do, allowing us to address all top management issues, from strategy design to operational execution, and deliver genuine and lasting financial results because of a single obsession: value to the customer. 


Boutique … CVA exclusively offers customised solutions to its clients with a genuine sense of empathy, service and excellence

Exclusivity by topic or industry is often demanded by our clients as we deliver the ability to achieve significant competitive advantage.

Clients' businesses ARE different hence we provide highly customised solutions. We genuinely believe that one size does NOT fit all.

We believe that smart ideas and recommendations are ineffective if they are not actioned. Hence the need for client empathy in every thing we do – it ensures results. Consulting firms have a service responsibility to clients; too often other firms disseminate innovative ideas to competitors and average their clients’ industries and their financial performance. Excellence is demanded in every client interaction hence we are long-term partners to our clients, rather than contractors.