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For over 25 years, CVA has been the Preferred Strategy Partner for hundreds of top executives…

Through working with the most successful and innovative executives who rank among the top players in their industry, CVA has developed a unique and in-depth expertise. Our solid and measurable track record has meant our business has grown exclusively through referrals. This is also thanks to the “intimate” and long-lasting partnerships we have nurtured with our clients.


Clients among the top players of their industry

“Intimate” and long-lasting client relationships 

By applying our customer-centric approach to ourselves we constantly focus on addressing our top executives’ needs and behaviours: especially by putting small discrete teams on site, ensuring strong senior involvement throughout, working adaptively and flexibly.

This means we jointly see ourselves as partners in a mutually beneficial relationship such that we are  prepared to commit on topic exclusivity within an industry and country to provide real competitive advantage and genuinely avoid confilcts of interest.

A solid and measurable track record …


 Financial Services

Implementing a long-term ambition in crisis time

CVA helped a major French universal bank Executive Committee to design, launch and implement a €4 billion investment transformation programme in a period of turmoil. Through regular and close monitoring of the over-heating issues (including granular cost and KPIs tracking) at ExCo level, constant attention paid to on-boarding all stakeholders (employees, social partners, at al.), introduction of transverse governance and the development of a change culture we managed to deliver 80% of the ~300 initiatives in the plan on time and on budget. All this was achieved despite new constraints on banking and a highly uncertain environment.

 Financial Services

CVA delivered to a major Japanese governmental financial institution a landscape analysis and future perspective of the global infrastructure industry. The Japanese government had set objectives as part of its national strategy to help promote the packaged infrastructure business’s global development with a particular focus on domains such as energy/renewables, smart-grid/smart community, water and railway-related business sectors.  One of the client's primary missions was to provide financial support to the infrastructure-specific national projects where Japanese companies can play central roles in view of comparatively advantageous products and technologies. CVA's resulting recommendation encompassed possible cross-border partnership scenarios for these Japanese companies, with a focus especially on potential partnership schemes with the European companies.

Transportation, Defence & Security

CVA assisted a Japanese automotive component supplier to clarify the European market structure in relation to one of the strategically key products it sold to car manufacturers (OEMs). The client has a global ambition to become the leading player regarding this particular product and their European presence is yet to be reinforced. CVA provided an overview of the market’s characteristics and key trends, defined the client's current position in the industry including any potential competitive levers the client should address in the coming years. These would include the overall assessment of the client's historical attempt to approach European OEMs, a unified database to contain past presentations / activity records, an articulated client value proposition and sales & marketing approaches, high-level description of target OEMs’ purchasing behaviour and success/failure factors in light of customers’ key purchasing behaviour.

Transportation, Defence & Security

Protecting sales and profits through “upstream value chains” risk management

In view of the growing importance of composite in the aeronautic industry, a major player asked CVA to help them in identifying and managing potential risks linked to this new material.

By looking at the entire upstream value chain, from oil and natural gas to fiber and resin and then to composite, CVA “extracted” all the steps where major risks exist and developed action plans for their management. For example, 5 steps before having a composite, the epoxy synthesis was a step dominated by a player with 70% market share. Any problem at this stage would have put our client in a situation with an enormous impact on its turnover and profitability. The proposed action plan did not only addressed the management of identified risks but also the development of an “awareness, watch and reaction” process.

Transportation, Defence & Security

Beating competition in the future

One of our clients active in train manufacturing asked us to quantify the impact of different options on their competitive position. Although these options were improving their position, they were not sufficient to cover potential improvements competitors could achieve. We therefore helped them develop additional options to beat competitors in the future as these latter were not going to stay “inactive” in the next years. Indeed, in this market, the traditional train manufacturers are facing tough competition from China where local players benefit from standardisation, volume and low labour cost.


The establishment & vitalisation of Korea’s first marketing-specialised company

CVA assisted in the establishment of Korea's first marketing-specialised company by aiding in the development of their distinct business model. The company now operates Korea's largest loyalty program.

Following the establishment of the program, CVA helped develop additional business models and synergy creating opportunities in order to further the company's growth and success.

Various major value-adding projects have been completed including a domestic and global partnership strategy, diversification of loyalty program associated products, establishment of new growth drivers involving location-based services & travel etc., development of a premium loyalty program and business process outsourcing (BPO) strategies for its marketing business.


Strengthening fundamental competitiveness through cross-industrial partnerships

CVA helped strengthen a leading domestic home-appliance firm's fundamental competitiveness by establishing and implementing a business model which utilised cross-industrial partnerships to both reduce marketing costs and provide customised benefits to customers. Cross-industrial partnerships were established with firms operating in industries ranging from car insurance, telecommunications, oil & gas, travel, cosmetics to internet shopping malls. These partnerships were established on the basis of CVA's C-O-C mapping methodology, which provided the systematic means to integrate the needs and capabilities of the participating partners, ensuring a successful business relationship. The 'payFree' Freeconomics model, a program that enables the conversion of card points to rental fee payments, stands as a testament to the success of these relationships. The program penetrated over 25,000 households within its first month of launching.

MD European Utility Firm

"We were impressed by the intellectual rigor of CVA's team, their ability to understand the real commercial dynamics of our business and the rate of output they were able to generate"

CEO Financial Services

"Through strong methodology and partner led analysis comes powerful new insight into sustainable value creation and a drive for making it happen"

CEO Global Manufacturer

"CVA is almost like a fighter bomber, which you use for complicated or dangerous missions. You can trust them to take you into the unknown"