Who we are

Our Team

The CVA team share common values of entrepreneurship, team working, and high performance. Composed of high calibre senior professionals, our team has long and deep experience, a history of strongly involvement in project delivery. The junior consultants are “hand picked” from the Top 3 universities and schools in each country and provide enthusiasm and excellence in analytics. This combined with an exclusive global network of industry and topic experts from the best institutions in the world delivers insightful quantified and actionable solutions.


High calibre senior people strongly involved in project delivery

CVA Partners and Associate Partners spend ~75% of their time delivering projects.

Working as one global team, CVA clients benefit from their wide range of experience and individual expertise.

All Partners and Associate Partners of CVA have extensive consulting experience and share a strong commitment to maintaining CVA's position as a high-end strategy consultancy by developing actionable solutions that deliver superior value to clients stakeholders.



Consultants “hand picked” from the Top 3 universities in each country  

Consultants at CVA come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

We recruit from only the top universities and schools around the world and select exceptional individuals who strive for excellence.

CVA's consultants are constantly challenged to hone their skills as they solve the difficult issues facing their clients.

An exclusive global network of experts from the best Institutions

From our inception, we have been convinced that experts are best nurtured in environments more conducive to research rather than in the traditional consulting firm environment. In 1987, therefore, we started building an extensive global network of Industry and Topic experts exclusive to us. We are constantly looking for this cutting edge, deep knowledge in places such as professional associations, universities, public research centers and regulatory institutions.

The combination of this very specific and deep expertise with our own methodology frameworks and our unique ability to genuinely cross-fertilise ideas and understanding across industries provides a unique value proposition for our clients.