Our team

Arnaud Bodji

Partner, Paris

Arnaud Bodji is a Partner at Corporate Value Associates in Paris. He graduated from École des Mines de Paris. In CVA, Arnaud has mainly participated in designing business development, industrial and commercial strategies for worldwide firms or governments, covering areas such as: mining and metals industries (steel, iron or non-ferrous ore, precious metals,…), composite materials, aerospace, energy related businesses… Arnaud has also been very active in detailing purchasing strategies at the worldwide level for different types of industries (incl. aeronautics, train manufacturers, automotive Tier1 suppliers, food manufacturers…) from the definition of new sourcing strategies to its operational setup. Arnaud has indeed trained and coached more than 350 lead buyers across various organisations. Before joining CVA, Arnaud worked as a supply-chain consultant in a French consulting firm, on topics such as reduction of rolling stocks or optimisation of logistics networks.

Bruno Salle

Senior Partner & Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Bruno Salle began his consulting career with Mars & Company in Paris, France. He then spent five years with Strategic Planning Associates (now Mercer Management Consulting) in London, Singapore and the US. In 1989 he joined the newly created CVA and worked in Europe until 1992 when he pioneered the development of the CVA network in the Asia-Pacific region, opening offices in Singapore (1992), Melbourne (1993), Shanghai (1996), Tokyo (1999), Sydney (2000) and Seoul (2001). Throughout his consulting career, Bruno has worked in a number of industries around the world, but his focus during the last decade has been the financial services industry. During this time, he has worked in all aspects of banking; from retail through to institutional, private to government-owned, corporate strategy through to strategic sourcing. His clients have included one of the top 5 financial institutions in most major markets including the UK, US, Australia, France and Korea. Bruno has also overseen a number of projects in other industries including oil, brewing, manufacturing, rent-a-car and telecommunications. Bruno currently lives in Singapore and uses this as a hub to service his clients throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Carole Ott

Partner, Paris

Carole Ott is a Partner at Corporate Value Associates in Paris. She holds a degree from the French Business School HEC, with a specialisation in Law & Strategy and a Doctorate in Law from the University of Paris. Carole started her consulting career with CVA and covered a wide range of topics such as portfolio optimisation, growth strategy, M&A, organisation, strategic marketing, transformation programs and cost reduction in both industry and financial services.Carole has a solid experience in financial services in France and in the UK including a 12-months assignment for a global insurance company and a 3-year assignment for a French universal bank supporting the ExCo in designing, launching then implementing its major transformation program (~5 bn€ investment) covering all businesses (Retail Banking, CIB, SFS and Asset Management) and topics (Sales, Marketing, IT, Risk, HR…) in more than 35 countries. On this particular assignment, Carole worked closely with both top executives and technical experts on the field and gained a solid knowledge of banking operating models (IT, sourcing, industrialisation…) and key processes. Besides, Carole has conducted many projects for Private Equity Investors in both pre and post-acquisition situations and in a wide range of sectors including professional services, catering and insurance. Carole works in French, English and German.


Didier Pain

Senior Partner, London

Didier Pain is a Founding Partner of Corporate Value Associates in London. He holds a Doctorate in Law (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Paris Law School and was accepted to the French Bar at the first rank of his Chapter. He obtained an MBA from H.E.C. and the Stanford Graduate School of Business and began his consulting career with the Boston Consulting Group in 1976. In 1979 he co-founded Mars & Co and then launched Mars & Co's office in New York. In 1985 he joined Oliver Wyman in Washington DC as a Partner and Vice President. In 1987, he co-founded Corporate Value Associates in London. Didier is a specialist in Corporate Strategy and, as such, has advised senior management at client companies in the United States, France, Spain, Great Britain and Germany. He has worked in a variety of industries in Manufacturing, Distribution, Durable and Non-durable Consumer Goods," B to B" and "B to C" Services.

François Bories

Partner, Paris

François Bories is a Partner at Corporate Value Associates in Paris. He holds an Engineering degree from École Centrale de Paris and an MBA from INSEAD. François started his career as an Engineer with Bertin. After his MBA he began his consulting career with Mars & Co before joining Booz Allen & Hamilton. He participated in the foundation of CVA. During his 27 years in consulting, François has advised companies on strategic and organisational repositioning in a wide range of industries. He has participated in the implementation of strategic recommendations and major structural changes such as re-organisations, cost reduction / efficiency and effectiveness improvement programs (R&D, Engineering, Sourcing & Logistics, Manufacturing & Maintenance, SG&A, Capex), footprint redefinition (Engineering and Industrial). His experience includes work in industries such as Aeronautics, Armament, Automobile (car and car parts manufacturer), Ceramics, Chemicals, Computers, Engineering, Food, IT Services, Multimedia, Non-ferrous Metals, Nuclear Energy, Packaging, Polyurethane, Press, Publishing, Rail Transportation, Real Estate, Satellites, Security and Telecommunications (carrier and equipment manufacturers). François has worked in many regions, including Europe (Western and Eastern), North America and Asia.

Hugh Han

Partner, Seoul

Hugh Han is a Partner with Corporate Value Associates in Seoul. He joined CVA in 2004 and holds a MSc. from London School of Economics UK. Since joining CVA, Hugh has worked extensively on developing alliance strategies, loyalty programs and co-marketing programs for various industries including consumer businesses, telecommunications, finance, loyalty program providers, SME and SOHO. He has also worked on developing integrated marketing strategies for a leading conglomerate in Korea, including co-marketing programs among group affiliate companies, co-marketing infrastructure and identification of priorities among co-marketing initiatives. Prior to joining CVA, Hugh worked with Deloitte.  He speaks fluent Korean and English. 

Joël Poher

Partner, Paris

Joël Poher is a Partner at Corporate Value Associates in Paris. He graduated from ENSAE (Aeronautic Engineering School) and has a Masters Degree from HEC (Paris Graduate Business School). In his consulting career, Joël has led projects in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and the USA, focusing on: Corporate strategy (Portfolio strategy, M&A, growth strategy, long term trends) and Customer and Marketing innovation strategies (customer segmentation, customer lifetime value, offer  design, marketing positioning, channel strategies, acquisition, retention or pricing strategy). His experience ranges across Energy, Telecoms, Aluminium and the Financial Services sectors.

Judith Guenoun

Senior Manager, Paris

Judith Guenoun is a Senior Manager with Corporate Value Associates in Paris. She holds a degree from the French Business School ESSEC MBA. During her studies, she completed an internship in the Department of Strategy & Development at Pernod Ricard. Prior to joining CVA, she worked as an analyst in Transaction Services at Ernst & Young. Since joining CVA, she has been specializing in the financial services area and developed expertise in retail banking, payments and insurance. In particular, she has been accompanying a major French bank in its transformation plan for a year and a half, now in its execution phase. She also contributed to a project of internal reorganisation of a French insurance company.

Markus Collet

Partner, Paris

Dr. Markus Collet is a Partner at Corporate Value Associates in Paris. He has an engineering degree from University of Stuttgart and Telecom Paris combined with a Ph.D from HEC / Stern School of Business-NYU).  Markus has worked as a consultant for about 14 years, most recently with Roland Berger. He started his career as an academic expert and co-founded a consultancy in strategic management alignment. He has worked on numerous projects in France and abroad with an emphasis on consumer finance and retail banking.  Markus has also worked on profitable growth issues in other areas such as tourism and telecommunications. 


Matthieu Crest

Partner, Paris

Matthieu Crest is a Partner at Corporate Value Associates in Paris. He graduated from the French Business School HEC and from the Political Studies Institute of Paris (Sciences-Po). He also holds a degree in Economic geography. Matthieu joined CVA in October 2004. He has worked in the telecommunications, energy and banking sectors in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom and has covered marketing segmentation, portfolio strategy, growth strategy, pricing, and activity based on costing topics.

Olivier Vitoux

Associate Partner, Paris

Olivier Vitoux is an Associate Partner with Corporate Value Associates in Paris. He holds a degree from the French Business School Essec MBA. Before joining CVA, Olivier worked in an internet start-up that he founded in 1999. Olivier started his career in consulting in 2004 with CVA and worked on various topics; including strategy design, diversification, pricing, retention, transformation programs, business development and production optimisation. He has worked for companies from various sectors such as banking, mining, steel and energy and transportation in Europe and in North Africa. More specifically, Olivier has been involved in customer retention project for the energy industry, offer and business development for the energy commercialisation industry and large project structuration for the nuclear industry.

Paul-André Rabate

Founder & Managing Partner

Paul-André Rabate began his consulting career with the Boston Consulting Group. In 1979 he co-founded strategic consultancy Mars & Company.He spent two years with Strategic Planning Associates (now Mercer Management Consulting) in London as Vice President and Partner, Head of European Insurance Practice.In 1987 he co-founded Corporate Value Associates.As a partner of CVA, SPA and Mars & Co., Paul-André has advised Chief Executives and their boards in a wide variety of businesses.Paul-André has extensive experience in the financial services industry.He has been a guest speaker at many conferences on retail, insurance, retail banking and information technology. He has also directed work and reported at Board level principally for clients in sugar, retailing, consumer goods - both mass and luxury, turbines, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, publishing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, telecommunications and software.

Peter Vaupel

Partner, Berlin

Peter VAUPEL is a Partner with Corporate Value Associates Germany. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration / Management from HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Before joining CVA, he has been engaged as an intern with CVA and gained further work experience at Merrill Lynch, Washington D.C. Since Peter joined CVA he worked in the areas of Financial Services, Media, Public Transportation and Metals & Mining. Peter was involved in modelling and identification of saving potentials in services and sales of a European full service bank, in the development of new product and offering structures for a large out-of-home media company. He worked also on several strategic and organisational themes in the public transportation industry. Peter is fluent in German (native) and English.

Simon Vessey

Partner, London

Simon Vessey is a Partner with Corporate Value Associates in London. He heads the financial services practice in London and is also closely involved in our work on security & defence, and in the automotive sector.  He has advised clients across a wide variety of industries, and in addition to the above has worked in the public sector, energy & utilities, telecommunications and the hospitality industry. Simon brings to bear experience across diverse strategy topics, ranging from top level corporate strategy and portfolio management, through more customer-focused work around offer design, distribution strategy and pricing, to cost reduction and business efficiency improvement, and has worked for clients in a number of European countries, Japan, South Korea and North America.He joined CVA on completing a BA in natural sciences and a PhD in radio astronomy at Cambridge University, and has been with the firm for 16 years.


Wenwen Mei

Consultant, Shanghai

Wenwen Mei is a Consultant with Corporate Value Associates in China. She joined CVA Shanghai in 2010. Wenwen holds a Bachelor of Economics degree in Finance from Fudan University in China. Since joining CVA, Wenwen has worked in industries including financial services, energy & utilities, mining and materials. Her work has covered topics such as industry analysis, business strategy, business organization, strategic response to competitors, and total offer value. Prior to joining CVA, she worked in business risk services with a focus on internal control, covering major business processes in both financial and manufacturing industries. Wenwen speaks Mandarin and English.