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Team Entrepreneurship

Our HR policy in a word - meritocracy! Your career progression at CVA is mainly driven by your potential, not by your age or seniority. We’ll help you go beyond your limits through regular and precise feedback, customised follow-up and relevant advice from your mentor. The size of our teams will offer you a unique chance to learn directly from senior managers and partners.


CVA is a Career booster for the most talented consultants

At CVA, you’ll be invited to take responsibilities sooner than anywhere else. From day 1, you’ll be a complete consultant, not just an analyst and you’ll be quickly exposed to clients. You will rapidly have the opportunity to develop your management skills. You will also be invited to build your network and actively contribute to the selling process, earlier than you would imagine. At the completion of each case, you’ll have a complete performance appraisal that will enable you to reinforce your strengths and identify areas for development.

A detailed review process where your skills are reviewed individually runs every semester to determine your specific progression path. Following this HR review, your mentor will give you precise feedback on your profile (skills and potential) and define an individual development plan with you (staffing, training, coaching, career objectives…).

A mentor that is much more than just a career advisor

Your mentor is much more than just a career advisor

When you join CVA, you’ll be assigned a mentor who will follow you through your career. The mentor is a senior member of the office with extensive experience, designated to guide, help and motivate consultants, and to offer practical and professional advice.

Your mentor is an integral part of your performance evaluation each semester and provides you with clear and constructive feedback on your profile, your skills and your areas for development.

The mentor-mentee relationship also extends beyond the formal professional review process and is based on trust, respect and mutual fit.

The training collection

We take your development very seriously at CVA, and our global training program is designed to reflect the different stages of your career development. Full week training seminars gathering all CVA offices worldwide are organized regularly, in an exotic location and context.

As a newcomer, you will undergo a comprehensive induction program that focuses on life at CVA, skills and methodologies. The skills section includes topics such as data gathering, Internet research, interview techniques, slide writing and financial analysis.

You will then have the opportunity to attend the global “CVA Challenge” that brings together recent joiners from all over the world for an intensive week of team activities and training structured around a business game based on a real case. Run by both CVA staff and training professionals it provides a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to start developing your international network across the CVA offices.

The "CVA Masters" is a week-long global event for all Associates and Case Managers. Developed by CVA with a leading training organisation, this training addresses the major skill areas of consultants at these levels and includes training in CVA methodologies, people management and project management.

For managers and above, training concentrates on methodology application, with particular focus on how to capitalise on CVA's experience in complex situations. The courses are designed to open the mind to other environments, build business judgment and people-motivation techniques.

In addition, each office organises other types of professional training as required in order to improve consultants’ skills: oral presentation, management skills, financial analysis. Case lunches are regularly held where senior teams share their field experience beyond the “official” deliverables. They help keep consultants up-to-date with the firm’s innovative methodologies and client issues.

This formalised approach to training is strengthened by CVA's commitment to the development of consulting skills through casework, learning first-hand from Senior Consultants, Associates, Managers and Partners. Senior case team staff provide close guidance to new consultants, leveraging the strong frameworks from CVA's methodologies.