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“The CVA Challenge : one of the most impressive and invaluable experiences of my consulting career”

“The diversity of the team made us excited and curious. My colleagues from different countries, with different educational backgrounds and diverse personalities came together at this event. Fortunately we had English as a common starting point. Thus in my team our German, French, American, Chinese, Korean and Australian members all had a common tongue in which to work (or should I say discuss, debate, argue and eventually agree). Working with such a culturally diverse team with so many different types of personalities was (as the name of the event suggests!) a challenge. But it was this challenge that was so attractive and motivated everyone throughout the tough week.”

“The cross-cultural communication was challenging and memorable. In addition to the daily exhausting and demanding activities, we had many opportunities for "networking". The dinners each night provided the best time for communication. Randomly seated at the table, we were around different people every night, so that everyone quickly got to know each other. No matter where you were from or whatever accent you had, we all communicated freely and happily. Through this active communication, the Westerners' outgoing, open-minded and direct personalities were mixed with the Asians' conservative, polite and modest personalities. This cultural mix created many memorable moments. The crazy Karaoke at the seaside club, the group conga dance in the open-air bar and the midnight puzzle games in the swimming pool - so many beautiful memories left behind on Langkawi Island”.

The CVA-tailored business games provided us the opportunity to share our experiences around the CVA network. A major part of the week was the CVA developed Business Game. Through the week we worked on a "mock" strategy project in our four teams. Through the game, coupled with the learnings from the senior managers' lectures, we got a sense of how CVA applies its methodologies to solve the clients' practical problems all over the world. The value of the CVA global network was apparent as we shared the experiences from the various offices and learned how the CVA toolkit has been applied in all the different countries”.

“The team from Ó Cinnéide Team Training & Consulting helped us to understand our personality type and how we work as a team. The outdoor based Team Challenge was the other major component. The experienced coaches from Ó Cinnéide oversaw the physical and mental challenges put to us. From this we gained insight into our own personalities and how we function as a member of a team”.

“How the week flew! In 6 short (but eventful) days we made life-long buddies. When the time came for farewell, neither the kisses from the French, the Australian hugs nor the Korean hand-shakes could express our reluctance to leave.”

“Coming from many different places, we left inspired and motivated to realize our full potential as international consultants, knowing that in many corners of the world there was a friend and colleague who would always be there to help”.