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Why CVA?

CVA offers consultants a much differentiated value proposition. Our employee value proposition rests on 6 pillars. 

1. CVA consultants take responsibilities right from the start.

This translates into earlier client interaction, earlier responsibility for project management and earlier exposure to senior executives.

2. CVA allows creative freedom.

Smaller project teams favour direct interactions within the team and with CVA senior management. 

3. CVA offers highly international exposure.

There are more than 20 nationalities within CVA. Projects, teams and training are international.

4. CVA projects are highly analytical. 

Recommendations are always supported by deep quantitative analysis based on sophisticated methodologies.

5. CVA consultants work on a rich variety of work.

As CVA core differentiation rests on ideas and concepts cross-fertilisation, there are no industry silo within CVA.

6. CVA has a truly entrepreneurial culture.

Consultants are part of a lively and young company. Career progression is meritocratic.